Kingston City Guided Tours launched

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Kingston City Guided Tours

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Kingston City Guided Tours launched

Kingston City Guided Tours
The Kingston City Guided Tours bus will be used to transport visitors across iconic landmarks, historic sites and architectural marvels in Kingston. The scheduled tours which are to run at 9 am and 11:00 am between Mon to Sat are to officially begin on July 17, 2023. (Photos: Naphtali Junior)

The latest tour business in the Corporate Area is set to officially commence operations tomorrow, following the launch of tour and sightseeing outfit Kingston City Guided Tours last Friday.

The business operated by Roger Thompson, chairman of holding company Jolly Trotters Company Limited, is the tour subsidiary that was recently added to provide guided bus tours of Kingston to mainly tourists and members of the Diaspora while exposing them to the rich history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking natural beauty of the capital city. Highlights of the tours include visits to iconic landmarks, historic sites, architectural marvels, and charming scenes that tell the story of Kingston’s evolution over the centuries. Some of these include Devon House, the National Stadium, National Heroes’ Park, the Water Lane murals and Kingston Harbour.

The other companies under the umbrella, including the Trotters bar and café, together aim to provide curated experiences for clients powered by warm hospitality and opportunities for entertainment.

With plans said to now be significantly advanced, the roll-out of the Trotters Things gift shop, developed in partnership with Things Jamaica, is also expected to come to market by next month.

Kingston City Guided Tours

Roger Thompson, chairman of Jolly Trotters Company Limited, the holding company for Kingston City Guided Tours, delivers remarks during a launch event held last Friday at the Totter’s bar and café located at Park Place in New Kingston.

The unearthing of the guided tour company, which Thompson said spans more than 10 years of planning, has to date seen an injection of private capital totalling approximately $7 million that was used to facilitate start-up and support necessary research and development, procurement of the tour bus, property and other expenses.

“The tour attracts a cost of US$69 and seeks to cater to the growing tourist market in Kingston. A lot of our bookings right now are being done through digital marketing, direct booking on our website or via our referral programme, but we are currently seeking to establish partnerships with a number of the hotels to also connect with their guests,” he told the Jamaica Observer, indicating the build-out of more customized offerings which are soon to come.

With tours scheduled to commence from its Trotters Café location situated at Park Place and within the tourism belt of New Kingston, the entity is looking to secure the bulk of its sales from business tourists booked at neighbouring hotels scattered around the area. The two-hour tour, expected to run from 9 am and 11 am, Monday to Saturday weekly, the chairman said is designed to provide an all-encompassing perspective of what the city offers to customers.

“As tourists from all over the world descend on Kingston for business, entertainment, or its cultural offerings, our aim is to create immersive experiences that not only entertain and educate but also foster a deep appreciation for Kingston’s unique heritage, architecture, music, gastronomy and sports — whilst creating a lasting connection with the community,” Thompson said.

Kingston City Tour

WALLACE…I believe Kingston City Guided Tours will help to showcase what we have existing here in Kingston, but I’m also hoping that it will help to encourage and spawn diverse cultural offerings. I’m very pleased to be here for the launch of this business and I look forward to its smashing success

“The tour will particularly be of interest to the visitor on business who wants to do something Jamaican but does not normally have the luxury of time to explore the sun, sand and sea of the north coast. The Diaspora, both first and second generation, we expect to be enthralled by the authenticity of their cultural roots being presented in captivating colour and insight,” he added.

Thompson, already eyeing plans for expansion, said while this is more of a short- to medium-term objective, the aim is to go after a larger slice of the lucrative tourism market.

“Right now we are owners of a four-and-a-half-acre property in Portland, and as soon as our current set-up turns the corner of profitability and has established some stability we’ll look at expanding and setting up a type of eco-adventure park in Portland,” he said to Sunday Finance.

Dr. Carey Wallace, executive director of the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) and who was present at the launch, lauded the business as another entrepreneurial pursuit that will not only drive employment but add new experiences for visitors.

“I believe Kingston City Guided Tours will help to showcase what we have existing here in Kingston but I’m also hoping that it will help to encourage and spawn diverse cultural offerings. I’m very pleased to be here for the launch of this business and I look forward to its smashing success,” he stated.


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